Balloon Information for Landowners

Do not assume that if you see a hot air balloon landing in a yard or field that it is "crashing". Normally, that is not the case. You see, the pilot has control over the altitude (the up and down) of the balloon. However, the direction of the flight and landing is determined by the winds. So, it is not unusual for balloons to land on private properties, backyards, fields, or parking lots. Since landowners are an important part of nearly every flight, we take great care to avoid harming the property during landing. It is our goal to make every landing and recovery a positive experience. Pilots and chase crew members take pride in being courteous to landowners. Before entering private property, the chase crew will attempt to gain permission and determine where they can/can't drive their vehicles.

If a balloon does land on your property, feel free to approach the basket. Some additional "weight" is always welcome, while waiting for the crew to arrive. This also provides an opportunity for the pilot and landowner to chat. It's a great way to learn more about ballooning.

How does the Landowner Appreciation Program work?

Balloons land in many interesting places. To show our appreciation of Wisconsin's landowners, after each flight WBG pilots give out a landowner certificate. The pilot keeps the bottom stub of the certificate to be entered in a drawing. Every year at our winter social a drawing is held from all the landowner entries returned. Both the winner and the pilot of the corresponding flight win a monetary sum. It is our way to say "thanks" for allowing us to land on your property.

Previous Winners


Landowner Pilot Balloon Name
Larry Kundert Daron Powers Tequila Sunrise
Shelly Suta John Rucker Not Yet Named
Paul and Sandy Fisher Ken Walter Kay's WindDancer II
Linda Opie Mark Naber Cloud Nine
Dave Kons Rod VanWyngeeren Maximum Exposure
Bob Kaslow Chris Keefe


Landowner Pilot Balloon Name
Ron Jahnke Mark Naber Cloud Nine
John Leiske Ken Walter Kay's WindDancer II
Nate Holschbach Daron Powers Tequila Sunrise
Brian and Judy Garvey Jeff Trzebiatowski Midnight Rainbow
Dale McNett John Rucker Not Yet Named
David Kerl Chris Keefe


Landowner Pilot Balloon Name
Patrick Johnson Jeff Trzebiatowski Midnight Rainbow
David Kons Ken Walter Kay's WindDancer II
Sharon Verheyden John Bullock Bubbles
Renae Olaire Melanie Townsend Serendipity
Curt Herfel Mike Fontaine Heavens Tears
Calvin Soddy Kurt Hintz Which Way


Landowner Pilot Balloon Name
Jack Austin Jim Bushelle ??
Nicholas Schultz Mike Fontaine Heavens Tears
4-Way Farms Gary Britton Reflections Free
Denise Baumgartner Mark Naber Cloud Nine
Kevin Malchine Jeff Trzebiatowski Midnight Rainbow
Henningfeld Family Daron Powers Tequila Sunrise


Landowner Pilot Balloon Name
John Legwinski Daron Powers Tequila Sunrise
Dean & Paula Denny Gary Britton Reflections Free
John Malchine Mark Naber Cloud Nine
Kathy Obert Mike Fontaine Heavens Tears
Brian Brotz Jeff Trzebiatowski Midnight Rainbow


Landowner Pilot Balloon Name
Patrick Bergen Ken Walter Kay's WindDancer II
Mark & Carol Voss Jan Kohlman Sky Painter
Al Goecks Nick White In Harmony
Paul Gosenheimer Daron Powers Tequila Sunrise
Barb Pesola Jeff Trzebiatowski Midnight Rainbow
Lyle Kraus Jim Bushelle Yellow Fever

Landowner Pilot Balloon Name
Nancy Elsinger Pete Asp PH-1
Greg Bagley Kevin Kamp Linn-"Air"ea
George Roemer Rod VanWyngeeren Free Spirit
Carmen Wilson Mike Fontaine Heaven's Tears
Jerry Herbst Daron Powers Tequila Sunrise
Michael Peters Gary Britton Reflections Free

Landowner Pilot Balloon Name
John Toomey Jan Kohlman Sky Painter
Debbie Bingen Gary Britton Reflections Free
Bob Leu Jeff Trzebiatowski Midnight Rainbow
Kurt & Kim Weber Rod VanWyngeeren Free Spirit
Sandra Steeman Harold Graves Points
Barb Shiellack Daron Powers Tequila Sunrise


Landowner Pilot Balloon Name
Laurie Horst Pat Brouillet Yellow Brick Road
Dennis Griffin Steve Woller Handcrafted Dream
Roger Micke Jeff Trzebiatowski Midnight Rainbow
Debbie Toth Daron Powers Tequila Sunrise
Roy Williams Mike Fontaine Heaven's Tears
Jason Peters Jim Bushelle Yellow Fever


Landowner Pilot Balloon Name
Rod Drott Rod VanWyngeeren Free Spirit
Mark Justman Gary Britton Reflections Free
Valerie Lingen Daron Powers Tequila Sunrise
Neil Nelson Herb Kohlman Sky Painter
Bob Wenger Ken Walter Kay’s WindDancer
Dave Martin Don Benvenuto Our Dream